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:: Number 1
(17), 2002


Number 1 (17), 2002

Table of contents

:: D.S.Polimbetov, N.P.Ablaev, G.M.Dabylova. Melatonin and its biomedical meaning 
:: N.N.Belyaev. Cytikines and bronchial asthma
:: A.U.Akimov. Estimation of an ecological and medical-demographic situation in oil and gas area in Aktobe region 
:: A.K.Ashirbaeva, Z.Z.Sarsembina, A.S.Sharapatova, K.T.Kusainov, G.B.Raimova. Dynamics of crazy ideas at paranoica schizophrenia in patients of city centre of mental health
:: Chunt Erchetsetseg Study circulation and morbidity of pneumonia in Ulan Bator (2000 year)
:: S.B.Kalimoldaeva. The modern notion about chronic relapsing nettle rash
:: Z.S.Amankulova. Social and economic transformation in Kazakhstan and birth rate
:: S.A.Balgimbekov, K.T.Baekeeva. M.R.Turgunbaeva, T.A.Kuseinon. Clinical and epidemiological features of brucellosis in morbidity unsuccessful region
:: T.G.Shakirov. Epidemiological aspects of functional dyspepsia
:: L.K.Kuandykova. To a question of necessity of re-evaluation of microbiological control over the children’s nutrition products produced by dairy-kitchens
:: H.I.Beloskurskaja, N.S.Shaldybaeva, A.S.Tulegenova, S.B.Zhumasheva, V.V.Kil'maev, M.P.Ionina. New specialize products for treatment of women with iron deficiency anemia
:: A.N.Kozhahmetov, Z.L.Utesheva. Level changes of prolactin and thyroid stimulating  hormone at labor anesthesia
:: V.E.Kim, K.K.Kyraubaev, E.G.Sabitova, A.V.Semenova, Z.T.Dzhumabaeva, O.V.Korchagina, L.M.Sergienko, L.T.Paraga, A.A.Temirgalieva, S.Z.Tulepbaeva, N.V.Fesik. The organization of microbiological monitoring for diphtheria in Republic of Kazakhstan
:: N.N.Tasmagambetova. The immunocorrigating effect of sour-milk product for children of early age on a basis of horse milk at atopic dermatitis at children
:: N.N.Tasmagambetova. The correction of impaired intestinal microbiocenosis of childern of early age by  feeding with sour-milk based on mare milk
:: O.G.Tsoj, N.V.Mun, V.G.Open’ko, M.B.Askarov, A.S.Bajanbaev. A syndrome of endogenous intoxications and peroxide lipid oxidation in organism at patients suffering from acute purulent peritonitis
:: Z.K.Tuiebakhova. Mechanisms of biological influence of laser radiation and application of laser in the medical and preventive purposes (review of literature)
:: P.M.Nurkina. Model of the increased sensitivity of immediate type to to C.Coli and C.jejuni
:: A.A.Sagimbaev. Antioxidant status at patients suffering from chronic pyelonephritis
:: B.A.Ramazanova, A.L.Kotova. Microbiological criteria of normocenosis and dysbacteriosis of  sexual ways of women
:: B.A.Ramazanova, V.I.Pak. State of protective microflora of sexual ways of women
:: V.V.Kil'maev, M.P.Ionina, H.I.Beloskurskaja, M.G.Zhamaishina, Z.B.Tajbagarova, I.U.Il'jasova. Some aspects of protein metabolism at pregnant women with iron deficiency anemia
:: F.A.Kusainova, G.A.Aldangarova, L.B.Koshenona, R.A.Adilova, S.S.Anarbekova. Importance of instrumental methods of infertile women’s examination in diagnosis of external genital endometriosis

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