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KAN structure

Kazakh Academy of Nutrition employs 74 people. The staff includes 13 Doctors of medical (biological) sciences, 21 candidates of medical (biological) sciences.

Administration of Kazakh Academy of Nutrition

Sharmanov Toregeldy -  Director of Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, academician of RAMS, academician of NAS RK, doctor of medicine, professor, laureate of the State premium of RK, Scientist emeritus of RK, WHO consultant, laureate of independent award “Platinum Tarlan”, laureate of  Leon Bernard Fund Prize 
Tsoy Igor – Deputy director, doctor of medicine, professor, laureate f the State premium of RK
Tajibaev Shamil – Deputy director, doctor of medicine, professor, laureate of the State premium of RK

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Laboratories, departments, sectors of Academy of Nutrition

Laboratory of National policy of nutrition
(head of laboratory – academician of RAMS, NAS of RK, professor T. Sharmanov.)
This is the basic laboratory of Academy. It develops scientific bases of national policy of nutrition, concept of healthy lifestyle and nutrition. It researches medical-demographic problems, issues of fertile health of women, prevalence and prevention of alimentary-dependent diseases and micronutrients deficiencies. Laboratory carries out scientific support of national and international programs on rationalization of nutrition of various groups of population.

Laboratory of immunology and biotechnology of nutrition
(head of the laboratory – MD., professor I. Tsoy)
It studies mechanisms of interaction of immune competent cells of local and system immunity in antitumor protection; features cytotoxic action of various subpopulations of lymphocytes on separate kinds of tumor cells. Laboratory develops theoretical bases of nutritional immune correction with the help of specialized products of nutrition and biologically active additives.

Laboratory of biochemistry and vitaminology
(head of the laboratory - MD., professor A. Aldashev)
The laboratory develops biological models of the most widespread unhealthy conditions and diseases: anemia, hypogalactia, diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, etc. It establishes on the basis of biological models new data on pathogenesis of alimentary-dependent diseases; proves the recommendations for prevention of investigated diseases and pathological conditions with use of new specialized products of nutrition and biologically active additives.

Laboratory of food quality and safety control
(head of the laboratory - MD., professor L. Kalamkarova)
Studies ethiological structure and dynamics of food poisonings and intestinal dysbacteriosis.
Develops and improves methods of quality surveillance and safety of products both of nutrition and food raw material (including genetically modified and functional products of nutrition, biologically active additives).
Develops normative-technical documents and state standards on food products and biologically active additives, system of monitoring of contamination of foodstuff, studies biological properties of strains of eubiotic microorganisms.

Laboratory of rationalization of nutrition
(head of the laboratory - MD., professor M. Aidjanov)
Assesses the status of nutrition of population in ecologically unfriendly regions of Kazakhstan, develops norms of nutrients and energy requirements for population of ecologically unfriendly regions, develops recommendations on nutrition for zones of ecological disaster. Creates system of monitoring of energy and nutrition adequacy of minimal food baskets. Carries out adaptation of recommendations of WHO on nutrition for various gender and age groups of population of Kazakhstan. The laboratory studies a condition of an actual nutrition of the most vulnerable groups of population (pregnant women, feeding mothers, children of early age, elderly) and connection of nutrition with a condition of health. It proves the recommendations of Academy of Nutrition on rationalization of nutrition, nutrients and energy requirements in various professional groups of population.

Department of medical nutrition
(head of the laboratory - MD. R. Shakieva)
Develops methods of medical nutrition of internal diseases, pathology of metabolism, including medical nutrition with application of national products of nutrition.

Sector for study of molecular bases of biologically active compounds
Studies structural and functional organization of molecule of staphylococcus enterotoxins, carries out search and synthesis of their immuneactive fragments; designs on their basis new immunebiological medications and biologically active additives with purposeful immunecorrection action.

Laboratory of lactation management 
(head - MD., professor S. Tajibaev)
Studies problems of health of infants connected with breastfeeding. Studies the medical-biological and social causes for hypolactation. Develops and carries out scientific support of programs on support and distribution of breastfeeding. Provides monitoring of efficiency on introduction of “Ten steps to support breastfeeding and baby-friendly hospitals”.

Laboratory of development of specialized products of nutrition and biologically active additives
(head of the laboratory – Doctor of Biology, professor Y. Siniavsky)
Develops theoretical bases and biotechnological principles of designing of medical-preventive products both for special purpose and for mass consumption with specific medical-biological properties.
Designs the biologically active additives for prevention of most widespread alimentary-dependent diseases and micronutrients deficiencies; creates products of children's nutrition on the basis of local traditional and nonconventional raw materials.

Laboratory of international projects
(leading scientific researcher – Doctor of Biology, F. Ospanova)
Develops and coordinates international scientific and technical projects and programs, organizes scientific researches under international grants, provides communication of Academy with international organizations and centres of science. Provides realization of international conferences, symposiums, meetings, and seminars. Prepares scientific materials of Academy for publication in the foreign editions.

Communication sector
(head. – PhD, A. Salhanova)
Develops and carries out educational programs on problems of healthy nutrition, distribution of  information about breastfeeding, prevention of alimentary-dependent diseases and micronutrients deficiencies in mass media. Organizes and conducts training and educational seminars, carries out edition of printed materials on healthy nutrition.

Fund rising sector
Carries out the search of additional recourses and funds for realization of programs as well as for conducting of seminars and conferences on nutrition and public health problems of current importance

Laboratory of food chemical safety
(leading scientific researcher – PhD, Sh.Bakanov)

Laboratory of child nutrition

Organizational-methodical department
(head – A.Berdygaliev)
The department participates in planning scientific subjects of Academy, supervises a course of performance of the tasks of scientific and technical programs.
Prepares the projects of coordination plans and summary annual plans.
Makes long-term forecasts of development of researches on a problem of nutrition.
Prepares analytical reviews on introduction of results of scientific researches in practice.
Makes annual reviews of completed works, completes patent and library funds of Academy.
Participates in organization and realization of congresses, conferences, seminars, away cycles on a problem of nutrition, prepares materials for exhibitions.

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