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The main directions of scientific activity of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition are:

  • scientific substantiation of conceptual bases for the national policy of nutrition;

  • development of norms of physiological requirements in energy and nutrients for various gender and age groups of the population taking into account climatic, geographical, ecological, and ethnic specifications;

  • study of prevalence and prevention of micronutrients deficiencies and alimentary-dependent diseases;

  • supporting and promotion of breastfeeding;

  • establishment of the role of factor of nutrition in occurrence and course of the most widespread infectious and non-infectious diseases, substantiation of methods of integrated prevention;

  • study of mechanisms of inernutrients relation in the metabolism

  • alimentary modification of biological effects of xenobiotics and chemodrugs

  • development of theoretical bases of alimentary correction of immuneallergic reactivity, biochemical processes and biocenosis;

  • designing the specialized medical-preventive and children's products of nutrition;

  • development of biologically active additives with definite medical-biological properties;

  • quality surveillance and safety of food products;

  • creation of medical diets and diets on the basis of national products and new nonconventional sources of raw materials;

  • perfection of educational methods on issues of a healthy life style and healthy nutriton
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