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In 18 June 2008 A Round table “Ways to reduce child and maternal morality in Kazakhstan”, was held in Astana in UNICEF. The Round table was discussed the measures which are taken to implement Government Resolution No1325, issued on 28 December 2007, on adopting a programme of decreasing the child and maternal mortality rate in Kazakhstan for 2008-2010 by reducing Iron-deficiency anemia through a fortification of wheat flour by iron and folic acid.
Deputies of Parliament, representatives of the Health Ministry, the Agriculture Ministry, the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, Child and Mother Health National Research Centre, Union of Wheat Processors and Bakers and UNICEFl took part in Round table meeting. The purpose of meeting was to introduce flour fortification in the practice of big industrial flour production factories in the country. Since wheat flour and bread are common food products in the country, this measure will ensure a better and wider use of iron and folic acid by all the population and, therefore, will reduce the anemia incidence.
According to data of Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, the fortification of wheat flour with iron will decrease maternal mortality caused by anemia by 22.6%, decrease congenital defects of nerve tube by 30%, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases by 13% among men and by 8% among women and increase labor productivity by 12%.

In April, 17, 2008 The President of Republic of Kazakhstan Mr. Nursultan Nazarbaev had meeting with the Head of Kazakh academy of nutrition, academician Mr. Sharmanov T.Sh. in Astana city. During a meeting the questions of condition of public health services in Republic of Kazakhstan, acceptance of State program «Healthy nutrition is health of the nation», plans on organization of the healthy nutrition centers in oblasts of Kazakhstan were discussed.

In April, 7-11, 2008Head of Kazakh academy of nutrition Mr. Sharmanov T.Sh. has taken part in 11-th Annual Forum of the Central Asia countries and Kazakhstan “Health protection of mother and child” under the invitation of Children Fund UNICEF and Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan in Ashkhabad city. The Forum was devoted to questions of achievement by the countries of specified region of results of performance of Millenium Development Purposes in field of nutrition for well-being of mothers and children.
During the Forum the President of Turkmenistan Mr. Kurbanguly Berdymuhammedov has sent special present to academician Sharmanov T.Sh. and the offer on opening of new Institute of nutrition in Turkmenistan at support of Kazakh academy of nutrition.

On March, 19, 2008 vice-presidents of Kazakh academy of Nutrition Tazhibaye Sh.S. and TsojI.G. had presented the basic information at session of the Interdepartmental Commission on affairs of juvenile minors and protection of theirs rights at the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan in the Ministry of Education and Sciences of RK. Decisions of maintenance by qualitative and balanced nutrition of children of general public schools were accepted. On results of session the constructive proposals were submitted to the Government of Republic of Kazakhstan:

development of universal model of organization of school nutrition with inclusion in the State budget for 2009-2011 of items of expenses for food services of schoolboys;
- realization of ways of the prevention of malnutrition of schoolboys: a further preparation of methodical recommendations for optimization of diet regime, supplying with iodized salt and fortified foodstuff of establishments of education, introduction in a diet of children and teenagers of foodstuff with increased food value;
- allocation of special time on central and local TV-channels and radio-channels, special parts in Mass media devoted to bases of correct schoolboys’ nutrition;
- development by municipal administrations of provinces and Astana, Almaty cities of Regional programs and plans for 2009-2011 on theme «School nutrition» with 100% coverage of schoolboys of initial classes by single hot meal in 2011 due to local budgets, and 100% new manufacturing equipment for easting establishments of all organizations of education in 2011.

To the end of 2007 the Kazakh academy of Nutrition has developed the «National Program and action plan on prophylaxis of deficiency of vitamin A». Development of this Program was carried out by Doctor of medical sciences, the winner of State premium of Republic of Kazakhstan Tazhibayev S.S. on the basis of analysis of results of long-term researches of vitamin A adequate level in children's population of Kazakhstan. The National Program is directed on increase of vitamin A adequate level of children's organism through realization of three basic state strategies - the program of supplementation by vitamin A, the program of fortification of foodstuff by vitamin A, the program of improvement of A-vitamin status of population through rationalization of dietary habits.
The program has passed the review of the Scientific Research Institute of Pediatrics and Children's surgery of MoH RK, has got support of UNICEF of Kazakhstan and has dispatched to Ministry of Health of Republic of Kazakhstan for decision making on its realization and budgetary financing.

On 29-30 October, 2007 in Almaty city the III ALMATY Forum 2007 (29-30 October 2007, Almaty, Regional Office JFPR9052) “Making Food Fortification Sustainable in Central Asia and Mongolia” had took place. Forum had balanced of the work’s realization since 2001 year on ambitious national goals of Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan) and Mongolia in the area of ensure access to affordable, safe and efficacious of fortified food as a permanent commitment to eliminate micronutrient deficiencies among theirs populations. Multi-sector delegations led by high-level ministerial officials of countries-participants presented the achievements and analysis of still remaining tasks and pledge to permanent inculcation of the national fortification programs. In region of Central Asia and Mongolia the significant progress has been made in increasing of production and consumption of quality iodized salt and a flour fortification has been steadily expanding also due to the fact of adoption and implementation of appropriate legal and normative frameworks.

On September, 27-30, 2007 The Center for International Cooperation in Agronomic Research for Development - CIRAD (Montpellier, France) together with the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition (Almaty, Kazakhstan) and the Kazakh National Al-Farabi University (Almaty, Kazakhstan) has held the International Research Workshop «IMPACT OF POLLUTION ON ANIMAL PRODUCTS» within the framework of the NATO Program Security through Science Advanced Research Workshop in Almaty city. Leading scientists of foreign countries (France, Italy, Belgium, Jordan, Morocco, Great Britain, Canada, Romania), of Russia, Kazakhstan, Tadjikistan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan countries and also representatives of governmental and public organizations, High Schools, the ministries and departments of Republic of Kazakhstan have taken part in Workshop.

On June, 15, 2007 the Kazakh Academy of nutrition together with the Kazakh State Medical Academy of Republic of Kazakhstan carried out in Astana city The III-d International Scientific Conference "Questions of preventive medicine». The questions of reforming of preventive medicine services and nutrition in Kazakhstan and introductions of new technologies in clinical practice and professional training of medical staff were discussed. The Kazakh academy of nutrition, the National Centre of problems of Healthy Life Style formation, the Medical High schools of Republic of Kazakhstan, The Scientific Research Institute of Nutrition of Russian Academy of Medical Science (Russia, Moscow), The Novosibirsk Medical University (Russia), Research-and-Production Association "NOV" (Russia) were participants of conference.

In July, 09, 2007 the president of the Kazakh academy of nutrition T.Sh.Sharmanov presented scientific reports on special Meeting of State Administration at the President of Republic of Kazakhstan on strengthening of steady reduction of IDD and IDA and systems of state observation of population health. The themes of necessity of fortification of wheat flour at millers’ enterprises of republic and progress in Universal Salt Iodization were discussed as extraordinary questions.

In June 2007 the Kazakh academy of nutrition worked with professor Frits van der Haar (consultant of UNICEF and member of Board of Directors of ICCIDD). The preparation of Kazakhstan to International certification as country with Universal Salt Iodization and results of National Survey MICS-2006 executed by Agency on statistics of Republic of Kazakhstan and Kazakh academy of nutrition at UNICEF support were discussed.

Writing the Kazakhstan Application for certification
(Professor Tsoi I.G., Professor Frits van der Haar (ICCIDD), Kulmurzaeva L.R. PhD, and UNICEF assistant).

On June, 30 and on July, 1 2005 the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition together with Committee of State Sanitary-epidemiological Inspection of MoH RK and the representatives of producers conducted the international conference "Biologically Active Additives to Food and Functional Food - Elimination of Micronutruent Defficiency" in the Academy of Sciences of RK, Almaty. Noted scientists and experts from the CIS, representatives of producers and distributors of biologically active additives have conversed at the conference.
During conference an exhibition of producers of biologically active additives, and also training seminars and mini-symposiums was organized.

In May 19th of 2005, in the Assembly Hall of the Palais des Nations, Geneva, the Leon Bernard Foundation Prize awarding ceremony for the president of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition, academician Toregeldy Sharmanov was held.
Mrs. Elena Salgado, the President of Assembly together with the General director the WHO Mr. Jong Wook Lee presented the award at special session of the 58th World Health Assembly. Upon receiving his award academician T.Sharmanov addressed the speech to delegates of the countries.

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The Kazakh Academy of Nutritiona conducted a conference devoted to the 30-anniversary of the Academy "The National policy of Healthy Nutrition in Republic of Kazakhstan" on October, 19, 2004 in the Kazakh State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet.

The noted scientifists and experts of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as those from foreign countries, authoritative international agencies and organizations also participated in the work of conference. The results of long-term and fruitful activity of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition in the Central - Asian region were discussed.

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