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The Kazakh Academy of Nutrition (KAN) has been founded in 1974 as the Kazakh Branch of Nutrition Institute of the Academy of Medical Sciences of USSR (AMS USSR) for shaping state policy in the field of nutrition and food safety of the country; development of the fundamental and applied biomedical researches on the nutrition problems and preventive maintenance of the widespread forms of malnutrition; development of sanitarian norms and standards, quality assurance and safety of food; perfection of promotion of healthy nutrition; preparations of the specialists on nutrition and dietology; rendering of the consultative and methodical assistance to the Central Asian countries on rationalization of nutrition of various population groups; and also cooperation with international organizations.

KAN is the first ever international center on nutrition cooperating with WHO (1979). The KAN's branches were open in Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyz Republic and Karakalpakstan and also the school of nutritiology has been created in region. Becoming independent establishment, KAN has expanded the activity and closely cooperates with governmental and nongovernmental organizations of Central Asia, Azerbaijan and Mongolia, UN University, FAO, WHO, UNICEF, USAID, UNDP, International Nutrition Foundation, Center of Diseases Control (CDC), International Nutrition Association, World Bank, Japan Fund on Poverty Reduction (JFPR), Asian Development Bank, World Council on the Population, Iron Deficiency Project Advisory Service (IDPAS), International Council for Control for Iodine Deficiency Disorders (ICCIDD), Wellstart International (USA), Macro International (USA), Emory University (USA), etc. It gives possibility to use global practice for perfecting national policy, program and plans of activity in the field of nutrition and foods, prevention of micronutrient deficiencies, study of demographic health situation and nutritional status of the population, protection, support and promotion of breastfeeding, and also researches on the biotechnology of new products.


KAN investigates and determines most significant problems of nutrition for public health, offers optimal ways of their solution to appropriate governmental agencies, organizations and enterprises, including nongovernment organizations, develops national policy, program and plan of activity on improvement of nutrition of the population and prevention of alimentary-dependent diseases in Kazakhstan and assists in solution of the indicated problems in countries of region with identical development of economy. One from mandatory conditions of sustainable development of health care services is the successful solution of the most actual nutrition problems.


The KAN work is directed on future, where development of a person and the nations, social and economic progress occurs in conditions of the greatest preference to people health, where the rational and safe nutrition is key determinant in strengthening.


To achieve the mission KAN adheres to the following principles and orientation:

  • Creates strong scientific basis for realization of effective researches, development and implementation of policy, theoretical and applied program in the nutrition field.
  • Develops national and regional nutrition problems, and also concentrating on vulnerable groups of the population.
  • Works with the people of all social layers, persuasions, races and nationalities.
  • Uses joint, accountable and transparent structures of management.
  • Bases the activity to recognizing and realization of the human rights with reference to articles of food and nutrition issues.

The strategic approach

The strategic approach KAN has the following frameworks:

  • KAN considers in the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan, and also in the WHO, UNICEF, International Nutrition Foundation, UN University and International Nutrition Association the key strategic partners with joint vision, mission and values.
  • KAN works with appropriate state structures of Republic of Kazakhstan, UN Agencies, international, bilateral agencies, nongovernmental organizations, funds and private companies.
  • KAN actively collects, distributes and advances reliable information about nutrition, food and health for those who works in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, and conducts communication activity.
  • KAN raises and manages funds from different sources for the projects' leaders and researchers.
  • KAN conducts searches for the stable extension of the activity, attracting main resources for support of the long-term mission.

The current work

  • Kazakh academy of nutrition executes the local State projects by request of some ministries of Republic of Kazakhstan? state and private campaigns and International projects, too (see menu part "Projects").
  • At Kazakh academy of nutrition the Dissertational Council for defend a scientific thesis for PhD and MD's degree on Hygiene and Biochemistry specialities functions (see menu part "Dissertational Council").
  • Since 1997 the scientific magazine «Health and illness» is published and included in list of the State Committee on supervision and certification in sphere of education and science of the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan which editors includes of professors of Kazakhstan school and cities of Moscow, Bishkek, Odessa, Dushanbe, Ashkhabad, Tashkent (see menu parts "Library" and "Contacts").
  • At the Kazakh academy of nutrition the Committee on the State registration of food biologically active additives and specialized food stuffs of Ministry of Health of Republic of Kazakhstan with issue of the state registration certificate documents functions (see menu part "Contacts").
  • At the Kazakh academy of nutrition the Agency and Test Centre "Nutritest" accredited by Gosstandart of Republic of Kazakhstan on certification of food biologically active additives and specialized food stuffs functions (children's nutrition products, treatment-and-prophylactic and dietary products) with issue of the state certificates of quality and safety functions (see menu part "Contacts").
  • Kazakh academy of nutrition is organized the Scientific Conferences and Workshops (see menu part "Conference").
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