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QUICK Program: quality assurance of urine iodine

Iodine deficiency disorders (IDD) exert influence on health of million people in the world. Iodine deficiency is one of the causes of mental retardation, particularly in prenatal, which is prevented under condition of conducting adequate preventive measures.

The most economically effective and stable way for IDD prevention is iodization of all consuming salt, Universal salt iodization (USI). An evaluation of IDD prevention program by USI should be measured through urine iodine. Urine iodine level is index of iodine supply in an organism. So, accuracy of urine iodine measuring and thoroughness of the analyses performance has high profile during assessing iodine status of a population in any area/region or country.

IDD and their prevention remains one of the significant tasks of public healthcare in central and east Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE/CIS). á

On decision of a Coordinating Body for the International Resource Laboratories for Iodine (IRLI) Network the Laboratory on Control and Prevention of IDD of the Kazakh Academy of Nutrition (KAN) was selected as a regional resource center for CEE/CIS region. This choice was based on existing reputation, operational experience, successful participation in the External Quality Assurance program of the IRLI network (EQUIP). QUICK (Quality Urine Iodine Control by KAN) program was founded in the framework of the IRLI regional network. The main aim of this program is evaluation of accuracy of urine iodine analyses and rendering for CEE/CIS region Labs consultative assistance and support.

About Program

The Regional Lab of KAN gives every CEE/CIS region Lab the materials on quality assurance, conducts technical trainings and consultation for improving accuracy of iodine analyses (in the urine, salt) in the framework of their national studies. The KAN two-three times in a year sends quality control samples of urine with different iodine levels for analysis, after performing them, Labs gives analysis results to KAN. KAN analyses and sends every Lab the report on the results that is used later by Lab for:

  1. confirmation of performed analyses quality;
  2. removal of problems concerned with systematic errors of sampling and magnitude of error in analysis system;
  3. increasing confidence of lab staff in precision of analyses results and procedures performing.

Generalized and individual data are given to all Lab-participants, whose names are not showed in a report for confidentiality.

Kazakh Academy of Nutrition (KAN)
The Laboratory on Control and Prevention of IDD
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