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::Number 1
(50), 2006


Number 1 (50), 2006

Table of contents

:: Ŕ.Ě Esengeldieva, A.E.Kushekbaeva, N.R.Kiikbaeva, I.G.Tsoy, G.M.Abish Use of biologically active additives with immune modulating effect at tuberculosis (Review of literature)
:: A.O.Myrzagulova. Role of genetic factors in development of prolapse of mitral valve(Review of literature)
:: B.B.Tobiyakhova, A.K.Dzhusipov. Molecular-genetic markers of an arterial hypertension (Review of literature)
:: R.Z.Boranbaeva, K.O.Omarova. Aplastic anemia at children
:: B.G.Tynybaev. Characteristics of ionizing radiation sources of Atyrau oblast
:: B.G.Tynybaev. Hygienic estimation of quality rating of agricultural produce of Atyrau oblast
:: T.K.Karimov. L.M.Baspakova. Influence of computer technics on morbodoty of sight organs in students of higher and secondary professional schools of Aktobe city
:: O.M.Kurmangaliev Functional condition of kidneys at the inhabitants of region of intensive production and gas condensate
:: O.M.Kurmangaliev. The inhabitants renal calculus illness of region of intensive production of a petroleum gas condensate and some aspects of its pathogenesis
:: E.G.Baratova. The investigation results of lead level around Turkistan region
:: Z.E.Alieva, I.I.Dubova, I.V.Plemjannikova. O.A.Burtseva, K.V.Baturova, Z.O.Dzhuzbaev The analysis of parameters of purulent - septic disease
:: G.T.Asilbekova, G.T.Ilyasova. Analysis of middays consumption of vitamins and mineral elements in different sex and age-range groups of children
:: G.T.Asilbekova, G.T.Ilyasova. Correlation between physiological development and nutrition of young children
:: I.G.Moldaliev. The conception of  surgical service progress in Kazakh Republic
:: I.S.Moldaliev. The organization of surgical help for population of mayor city
:: G.S.Svjatova, M.M.Bajzhanova, G.S.Gimadenova, K.D.Imankulova. Genetic polymorphism of glutation s-transferase M1and T1 in asthmatic children
:: G.P.Kasimova, A.B.Sejtkulov. The indicators of admitted patients with maxillofacial pathology into adults population of Almaty city
:: A.B.Sejtkulov The methodical approach to development of medical help for patients with maxillofacial pathology
:: D.K.Rahimbekova, N.V.Jugaj, E.A.Kaljuzhnaja. Use of modern technologies in treatment-and-prophylactic work of primary health care  
:: D.K.Rahimbekova. N.V.Yugaj, E.A.Kaljuzhnaja Role of compound polyclinics in children prophylaxis  
:: G.N.Shajzadina. Increasing of mental work possibility and students’ functional status with method of alternative bio-management  
:: A.A.Dzhardemov. Lifestyle of students in 1-st course of Medical University
:: G.M.Saatova, B.T.Tulebekov, A.B.Dosymbekova Medico-economic effectiveness of alternative treatment programs and regulaer medical check-up of rheumatologic  patients
:: M.E.Asheraliev Prophylaxis, diagnostics and spelion-therapy of bronchial asthma in children
:: M.E.Asheraliev Condition of hormonal homeostasis in children with moderate and light degree of bronchial asthma
:: A.P.Sejdalieva, Z.A.Abylajuly, E.S.Uteuliev. Change of biochemical parameters of bone metabolism and IL-6 level at patients with diffusive toxic goiter  
:: R.Z.Boranbaeva, K.O.Omarova, K.A.Mazhibaev. The frequency of Infectious complications in children with acquired aplastic anemia against the background of immune-suppressive therapy
:: R.A.Shakieva, D.S.Sulejmenova, G.M.Manasova, A.A.Ivakin Pathogenetic ground of therapies with the use of specialized products during a correction of intestine dysbacteriosis  
:: G.D.Zhajlaubaeva. The medical prophylaxis application of tapinambur growing in East Kazakhstan  region to diabetes mellitus patients
:: M.A.Aripov, S.A.Alimbaev, O.S.Sahov, N.B.Malaev, E.Z.Satbekov, S.T.Bekbosynov, E.K.Mashimbasv, Ţ.Â. Pya Clinical example of successful bloodstream restoration of infarct-depended coronary artery on acute myocardial infarction
:: E.Z.Satbekov. Hospital outcomes of  « YUKON DES » stent implantation with antiprofilarative coverage in treatment of coronary atherosclerosis
:: T.K.Uderbaeva, S.G.Shuratova. G.M.Imantaeva, B.N.Kozhabskova, K.A.Utetleeva. Index of peripheral blood at patients with cordial infarction
:: B.H.Zhumagulov, T.Z.Sultanbaev. Treatment  of broad food with valgus alignment of 1 toe
:: G.D.Moldasheva, L.K.Nurgalieva. Doppler ultrasonography of hepatic vessels as early diagnostics of portal hypertension
:: M.A.Bajmuratova Relative-pathogenic microorganisms as possible synergists of H.Pylory
:: K.A.Birtanov. G.M.Tojbaeva. E.O.Ongarbek Actual approaches to diagnostics and treatment of paracemamol’s poisoning
:: A.A.Darvish. Influence of specialized product of "SHIPA" on parameters of an albuminous exchange at dogs with postoperative intestinal fistulas

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