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::Number 2
(18), 2002


Number 2 (18), 2002

Table of contents

:: O.V.Bagrianceva. A role of intestinal dysbacteriosis in development of different human diseases(review of modern literature)
:: F.E.Ospanova, S.D.Kasymova. Iodine deficiency disorders in Republic of Tajikistan: prevalence and measures of prevention
:: R.A.Shakieva, G.D.Dzhubanijazova, D.S.Sulejmenova, D.U.Bisenkulova, S.A.Nijazbekova. Influence of diet therapy with inclusion of probiotics microbiocenos’ condition in colon of patients with chronic acalulous cholecystitis
:: S.B.Kalimoldaeva. The immunological reactivity in patients with chronic relapsing nettle rash associated with gastro-duodenal pathology
:: Z.I.Sulejmenova, N.P.Petrova, T.K.Utaganova, N.A.Bulina, S.A.Nijazbekova. To  question on differential diagnostics of virus hepatitis
:: A.S.Patrusheva, R.N.Espaeva, S.N.Borisevich, T.V.Cheprasova, L.A.Sokolova. Analysis of cesarean sections operations of 2001-2000 period (date from Almaty maternity hospital #2)
:: B.K.Amanzholova, I.I.Dubova, Z.A.Ruzieva, J.M.Kuracha. Risk factors and diagnostics of intrauterine growth restriction
:: A.M.Doshchanova, F.A.Kusainova. Dufaston in treatment of the slight forms of external genital endometriosis
:: V.V.Kozhanov, G.A.Urazova, B.U.Utetleuov, L.V.Lim, D.D.Dzhumasheva. Children’s cardialgia
:: L.V.Lim, G.A.Urazova, R.S.Majtbasova, S.Z.Adamzatova, S.A.Utel'baeva. Status of bioelectric activity of brain and cerebral heamodynamics in children with cardiac pain
:: E.E.Alieva, I.I.Dubova, O.A.Burtseva, I.V.Plimjannikova, A.S.Patrusheva, L.A.Sokolova. Clinical usage of lazolvan in complex treatment of respiratory distress  syndrome in premature children
:: G.B.Rakishev, K.D.Erimbegov, S.A.Bocharov, T.S.Dzholdybekov. The significance of intra-vessel blood irradiation for surgical treatment methods effectiveness among patients with pulmonary tuberculosis 
:: K.D.Erimbetov. Surgical tactics of treatment of tuberculomas up-to-day
:: A.A.Egemberdieva. Influence systemic corticosteroids on adrenal cortex in patients with bronchial asthma
:: V.V.Kostenko. Opportunities of dietary supplement "Slabitelnie" for control functional activity and microflora of the intestine under chronic constiration
:: N.S.Kajshibaev. Clinics of transitional ischemic attacks for patients with cerebral atherosclerosis
:: Z.K.Tujebakhova. Influence of laser radiation on leucocytic parameters of rabbits (Report I)
:: Z.K.Tujebahova. Influence of laser radiation on leucocytic parameters of rabbits
(Report II)
:: A.K.Mahanbetova, N.M.Nurkina, A.L.Kotova. Experimental model of monoinfection C. jejuni
:: N.M.Nurkina. Preparation of antigenic erythrocyte  immunoreagents for diagnostics of campylobecteriosis  
:: G.P.Kasymova, I.P.Korkan, A.D.Shalbaeva, N.T.Abakanova Extent of maternal and perinatal pathology and mortality of risk factors among women of fertile age
:: G.P.Kasymova, L.A.Kuznetsova. Legislative base of organizations’ activity  providing the medicinal care to population of the Republic of Kazakhstan
:: E.B.Tazhiev, G.P.Kasymova, E.Z.Kospanov. Human resources and hospital beds tendency analysis of traumatologic service medical organizations

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