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:: Number 2
(30), 2004


Number 2 (30), 2004

Table of contents

:: T.Sh.Abildaev. To problems of perfection of a control system of hospital’s organizations and activity at the present stage
:: T.Sh.Abildaev. To question about intensification of activity of the hospital architectures on an effective utilization inpatient fund  
:: A.Z.Sharbakov. Hygienic estimation of contents of heavy metals in plants and grain crops from ecological polluted regions
:: A.Z.Sharbakov. The contents of heavy metals in agricultural crops of ecological polluted regions
:: Zh.T.Tolysbaeva. Availability of iodized salt for population in South-Kazakhstan oblast (as an example of Shymkent city and Sajram region)
:: R.A.Shakieva. Nutrition status of early age children with iron efficiency anemia in Aral region
:: R.A.Shakieva. Influence of the long ferrotherapy to dynamics of  plasma levels of vitamin C in patients with iron efficiency anemia in living in Aral region
:: O.V.Grebeneva, E.A.Badaeva, M.N.Smagulov. Hygienic characteristic of labour modern condition and health of female  workers of coal-cleaning plantes
:: I.Tajchiev. Epizootic characteristics of rabies in the Kirghiz Republic
:: A.A.Turekulova. Retrospective study of spinal column fractures between Almaty city population
:: A.B.Aldabergenova. Rate and degree of pain syndrome intensity at neurologic manifectations of the lumbar osteochondrosis
:: G.A.Boddovskaja. The first steps of pulse’s computer diagnostics
:: L.A.Tekebaeva. Semeiology of epileptic syndrome in  early age children patients with tuberous sclerotic complex
:: L.A.Tekebaeva. Cutaneous syndrome in early age children patients with tuberous sclerotic complex
:: R.S.Skakova, A.H.Rahimzhanova, F.B.Abduvagapova, S.A.Rajmbekova, N.I.Isaeva. Frequency and clinical display of genital endometriosis  
:: A.U.Amanbekova. The problem of analysis of a role of humoral-metabilic factors in development of a pulmonary hypertension in patients with tuberous sclerotic complex
:: R.B.Bazarbekova, N.N.Bekenov. Optimization of diet-therapy of children with 1 type  diabetes 
:: T.A.Kozhabekova, B.M.Dujsenbaeva. Coagulation infringements at hypoferric anemia of pregnant women
:: T.A.Jarovaya, A.N.Orlov. Mortality from diseases of respiratory tract in patients with schizophrenia 
:: A.T.Mansharipova, E.E.Jugaj, G.K.Nurgalieva, M.N.Nugmanova, G.V.shock, G.M.Imantaeva, S.A.Abzalieva. Regulation of  phenomenon of programmed cellular death and an atherosclerosis
:: D.A.Nurmakov, A.N.Bajmahanov, I.G.Tsoy. Features of the immune status at  purulent surgical pathology at patients with narcotism
:: E.N.Tutaeva, Influence of « Hepadif ® » medical  preparation clinical-laboratory indexes of patients with viral and toxic hepatitis
:: A.M.Zhartieva. Microflora of urine of children with congenital obstructive uropathy
:: K.Z.Kenzhebaeva. Requirement of a plague microbe in amino acids at 37ºС
:: B.K.Nurmashev, I.G.Tsoy. Modifying action of perfusates of xeno-spleen on various functional parameters of human neutrophils

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