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:: Number 2
(51), 2006


Number 2 (51), 2006

Table of contents

:: K.B.Shegirbaeva, E.Z.Zharkinov. Some methodological and theoretical questions of population's health evaluation (Review of literature)
:: N.O.Sadvakasov, A.A.Ismailova, K.S.Shajsultanov. The modern approaches to an estimation of labour activity of workers locomotive depot of railway transportation (Review of literature)
:: I.Z.Talipova. Problems of autoimmune thyroiditis ( Review of literature)
:: T.A.Patsaev. System endothelium disfuction in preeclampsia pathogenesis
:: I.G.Tsoy, A.M.Esengeldieva, N.S.Salieva, Z.A.Raimkulova, Z.H.Esenova, G.M.Abish, M.I.Saktaganov, O.A.Pashchenko. Use of universal immunocorrectional "Tranfer-Factor" preparation in infection-inflammatory diseases (Review of literature)
:: Z.A.Aybasova. Medical demographic parameters of health of the population of chromic biogeochemical province region
:: Z.A.Aybasova. The tendencies and the reasons of infancy mortality in chromic biogeochemical province region
:: S.E.Kenzhebaev, A.A.Ismailova, K.S.Shajsultanov. Hygienic estimation of labour activity of the workers engaged by construction of a railway  Chromtau-Altinsarino
:: B.G.Tynybaev. Tendencies and reasons of infantile mortality of population in oil-and-gas regions of Atyrau oblast
:: B.G.Tynybaev. Tendencies and reasons of death rate of population of oil-and-gas regions Atyrau area
:: E.M.Musin. Experimental data according to influence of noise on a functional condition of human organism
:: S.B.Alseit. To the question of appreciate of health level of residents in rural regions with developed diversified agriculture economic
:: A.S.Ajmagambetova, G.M.Azimkulova, F.N.Bajzhumanova, T.P.Zanilova, S.A.Kudazhanova, G.T.Nauryzbaeva, Z.S.Tairova. The course of pregnancy and births in women with intrauterine fetal hypoxia
:: L.A.Dzhanbabaeva, M.Z.Israilova. The correlation between a level of lactoferrin and persist forms of Chlamidial and Trichomonadal infections 
:: Ò.À. Êoæàáåêîâà, B.M.Dujsenbaeva. Isoantigen mother and fetus correlation in expectant mother suffering by iron deficiency anemia and physiological pregnancy  
:: T.A.Kozhabekova, M.Z.Tungushbaeva. The effect of isoantigen  mother and fetus correlation on some hematologic and biochemical blood  characteristics at asiderotic anemia of the expectant mother  
:: Z.A.Moldahanova. Frequency and risk factors of adhesions process at patients with sterility after salpingoplasly ectomy  
:: M.A.Bajmuratova, A.A.Samalykova, V.E.Voronina, G.A.Alibaeva. Microflora  of urine of pregnant women
:: K.Karimbaev. Choice of most appropriate management of urethral strictures
:: M.A.Bajmuratova, V.E.Voronina, T.S.Alibaev, T.K.Zhienbekova. The biological peculiarities of urinary cultures isolated from patients with chronic forms of pyelonephritis
:: A.K.Djusembaev, K.A.Djusembaev, R.K.Kerimov, Z.O.Maulenov, A.S.Bajsal-popp, D.A.Vojnovan. Deforming arthrosis at tuberculosis gonitis and its consequences
:: S.C.Chajmerdenov. Definition of surgical tactics at complicated pulmonary tuberculosis forms
:: A.A.Bajahmetova. Use of immunocorrectors in complex treatment of patients with periodontitis  
:: A.B.Abdykulova, A.K.Dujsenova, G.M.Kurmanova, K.B.Kurmanova. Clinical features of acute brucellosis depending on ways of infection
:: G.R.Serazhieva. Evaluation of the functional and radiological violation of the axial skeleton in case of the primary and secondary spondylo-arthro-pathy  with children  
:: G.E.Sydykova, S.M.Musabekov, O.R.Rahyzhanov, R.A.Tansykbaeva, B.M.Begajdarova. Materials of additional studying of efficiency of treatment of patients with iron deficiency anemia by the  specialized meat paste "Zhiger"
:: M.A.Gazalieva. Correction by aerosol the specialized product with antitoxic effects of the oxidizing metabolism at influence by an aerosol rubber-technical production  
:: Z.Z.Sejdahmetova, T.K.Tashenova, J.A.Sinjavsky. Correction of  resistance of membranes of erythrocytes of nursing rats a preparation by preparation Balm "Vozrozhdenie" at stress
:: Z.Z.Sejdahmetova, G.K.Tashenova. Stress-reactance of the adrenocortical glands of nursing rats at the intoxication by heavy metals salts
:: Z.K.Gusejnova, D.Z.Tajzhanova, L.T.Bazeljuk, B.A.Kozhahmetova. Estimation of efficiency of vegetal matter “Altay mummiye” at patients with opiomania with low acid-forming gastric function
:: U.N.Kapysheva, I.S.Kolbaj, G.A.Kuanyshbekova. The effect of neurotization  upon the inter-hemisphere asymmetry of serotonin and histamine content in rats with different types of  higher nervous activity
:: U.N.Kapysheva, I.S.Kolbaj, G.A.Kuanyshbekova, A.I.Bajdalinov. The dynamics of brain tissue catecholamine content in rats during 21-days neurotization 
:: N.N.Kurakov. Risk factors of realization of a children's cerebral palsy at children of Atyrau oblast
:: A.K.Kazakenova. Clinical versions of affective-respiratory attacks among children and theirs differential diagnostics

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