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:: Number 3
(52), 2006


Number 3 (52), 2006

Table of contents

:: G.L.Smailova. Questions of the comprehensive treatment of patients with  pulmonary tuberculosis associated with diabetes mellitus (Review of literature)
:: S.L.Ibraev, A.U.Amanbekova, Z.L.Eshmagambetova. The problem of the pulmonary deficiency at chronic pulmonary diseases (Review of literature)
:: A.O.Sydykova, B.U.Abdukarimov, G.V.Shokareva, E.T.Altynbekov, O.M.Sydykov. Role of sanatorium treatment in rehabilitation of patients with  heart  ischemic illness (Review of literature)
:: T.S.Musagaliev. Hygienic estimation of danger degree of free air in Atyrau city  
:: T.S.Musagaliev. Basic sources of pollution of free air of Atyrau city
:: K.Z.Dakieva, D.M.Dzhangozina. The dynamics of the workers with the different seniority
:: S.S.Koygeldinova. Morpho-functional changes of the peripheral blood at coalmen in the process of adaptation to influence of the coal-rock dust  
:: Z.K.Sultanbekov. Hygienic evaluation of labor conditions in factory shop of production titanic sponge
:: Ñ.À. Altynbekov, Zh.Zh.Bultacheev. Characteristics of display of symptoms and syndromes of mental and behavioral frustration at patients in Aral region  
:: Zh.Zh.Bultacheev. Use of low-quality of food and drinking  water as basic factors of risk of development of stressful neurological disorders in Aral region
:: K.K.Orynbasarova. Undifferentiated connective tissue dysplasia symptoms among children of Aral region
:: Z.Z.Bultacheev. Original psychotherapeutic method of de-sensibilization and processing by movements at treatment of stressful disorders in Aral region  
:: A.R.Abishev. Dynamics of physical development of Kazakh girls of Kentay city  
:: Ò.À Patsaev, N.M.Mamedalieva. Structure and functions of endothelium of  vessels in regulation of homeostasis  
:: Z.A.Imanbaeva. Pregnancy issue at women of risk group on fetus-placenta insufficiency having practice of sanitary medicine  
:: Z.S.Mahmutova. Genetic polymorphism of methyltetrahydrofolate reductase gene and neural tube defects in Kazakh population
:: L.S.Zhajlybaeva. The result of complex inspection of women with inflammatory diseases of cervix uteri
:: G.K.Omarova, Z.A.Utesheva. Hormonal homeostasis at women after artificial abortion  
:: G.K.Omarova. Cytokines’ profile in pregnant women during the first trimester of gestation  
:: S.K.Sarmuldaeva. Character of pathology of mammary glands at dependence from degree and localization of genital endometriosis  
:: S.V.Tohtasunova. Role of gene-gene relation in formation of predisposition to development of ischemic heart disease at Kazakh population
:: A.H.Isabekova. Influence of combined therapy by glicardin and inductor of interferon on cytokines at non-rheumatic myocarditis
:: A.O.Myrzagulova, V.S.Atarbaeva, N.B.Bajtasova, S.G.Bazhkkova. Correlation  of polymorphism of a gene receptor of angiotensin II type 1 at prolapse of mitral valve in persons of Kazakh nationality  with disturbance of heart rhythm
:: L.S.Sarsenov, V.V.Kilmasv, M.P.Ionina, B.M.Begajdarova, E.A.Shulga, Z.Abylajuly. Use of biological product "Bilact-As" for metabolic correction of metabolism at patients with sugar diabetes type II
:: Zh.S.Iserkepova. Immune-enzyme analysis as complimentary method for diagnostics of ocular  tuberculosis
:: S.S.Sarsenbaeva. Clinical-and-morphological changes of urinary system  at children
:: M.K.Alchinbaev, T.E.Husainov, ÅËÎ. Èñìîëäàåâ, S.G.Zazulevsky, A.U.Eralieva. Evaluation of testicular blood flow in differential diagnostics of azoospermia
:: F.Jalgasbek, D.Z.Tajzhapova, L.V.Clepatskaja. Contents of  IL-3 at  chronic viral hepatitis associated with narcotism
:: A.N.Zhumagulova, A.C.Kadyrbaev, G.K.Sakenova. Clinic-diagnostic peculiarities of Francisella Tularensis in East Kazakhstan
:: M.Z.Sarsenbaeva, R.A.Agzamova, L.H.Adil'gireeva. Microbe synergism of  M. tuberculosis with fungi species of Candida in vivo experience
:: A.A.Nagimtaeva, A.A.Abnlkasimov, S.S.Ibraeva. Influence of primary injection of ascorbic  on conditioned reflex action after isolated influence and combined influence of hypoxia and noise
:: A.S.Sarsenov, V.V.Kilmaev, M.P.Ionina, D.B.Kurmangalieva, G.Z.Smagulova, I.K.Nurgazina. New aspects of receive fito-bacterial preparation of medical purpose
:: K.Z.Dakieva, D.M.Dzhangozina. Change of biochemical blood indexes of the lab animals
:: E.S.Nurguzhaev, S.Z.Makazhanova. The contemporary principles of Dorsopatia  treatment

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