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Number 4 (20), 2002

Table of contents

:: L.M.Karsybekova. Helicobacter pylori in pediatric gastroenterological practice (review of literature)
:: G.E.Kalibekova, L.V.Avdeeva, U.T.Iralieva, H.A.Bakueva, Z.U.Imanbaeva.
Vulvovaginal candidiasis (review of literature)
:: I.M.Yunusbaeva. The production of tinned meat in Kazakhstan and perspective of itís† development (review of literature)
:: N.R.Ablyaev Molecular and biochemical mechanisms of the vision
:: O.G.Tsoy, A.V.Bazarova, V.M.Korolev, I.V.Kim, A.B.Bajbekov. Thyroid gland and genesial function for the men (review of literature)
:: F.E.Ospanova, T.A.Germanjuk. Iodine deficiency disorders: role and place of medical workers in the strength strategy
:: Z.K.Tulemisova. Lactic acid bacteria and yeast in composition of probiotics †
:: S.M.Utesheva, E.D.Dalenov. Features of acute exogenic intoxication among population of† Astana and Kokchetau
:: L.I.Kalamkarova, I.V.Krasnova, L.P.Chramova. The usage of food supplements in food products
:: G.M.Kurmanova. Immune structure of the patients with chronic viral hepatitis†
:: S.A.Grinina. Cytochemical characteristics of the neitrophils under rheumatic fever
:: S.A.Grinina. The relation between phagocyte activity and oxygen-dependent metabolism of nuetrophils under rheumatic fever
:: A.D.Bejsenov. Change of immune parameters during chronic lead experimental intoxication
:: A.D.Bejsenov. Some biochemical and immune parameters for experimental animals in dynamics of chronic experiment
:: Z.U.Imanbaeva, A.D.Sembaeva, A.S.Alzhabaeva, A.M.Dzhalilova,
E.A.Soboleva, N.P.Masaegina. Correction of micro-biocenosis of intestine in children with atopic dermatitis by† "Hylak-Forte" preparation
:: L.V.Avdeeva, G.E.Kalibekova. Results of use of "Miconaz" cream at in vulvovaginal candidiasis and balanopostitis †
:: A.K.Duisenova. The estimation of efficiency of the polarized phototherapy on area of projection of thymus at the patients with chronic brucellosis
:: A.A.Aimanov, A.A.Berdenova, N.A.Veselova, S.S.Kotov. Treatment of patients with acute† myocardial infarct complicated shock in station of medical first aid
:: M.K.Alchinbaev, M.A.Makaganov, M.G.Zhumabekov, M.T.Batyrbekov. intracavernous prosthesis† of penis in patients with extent cavernous fibrosis
:: M.K.Alchinbaev, M.A.Makaganov, M.G.Zhumabekov, M.T.Batyrbekov,
A.A.Hamzin. Ultrasound Dopplerography in diagnostics of organic forms of erective dysfunctions
:: R.A.Egemberdieva, D.A.Kushenova, B.N.Utegenova Features of currency of† chronic virus hepatitis C
:: N.N.Ivanchenko. Diagnostics of purulent meningitis by revealing of antigen-binding lymphocytes

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