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::Number 5
(54), 2006


Number 5 (54), 2006

Table of contents

:: M.S.Abdikadirov. Infringements of cytokines and  immune status at non- rheumatic myocarditis and its correction (literature review)    
:: T.D.Patsaev, N.M.Mamedalisva. The cytokines and theirs role in development of pathological processes (literature review)   
:: N.M.Mamedalieva, M.D.Mustafina. Metabolic syndrome at pregnant with obesity (literature review)   
:: H. Kamal Jamil, A.B.Kudamanova, H. Nadva Jamil, S.T.Ospanova, L.A.Djylkyshbaeva, G.K.Kenzhaeva. Structure-functional changes in cervix of the uterus before delivery (literature review)   
:: O.N.Sapozhnikova, Yu.G. Li. Physical and sexual development of girls during maturing    
:: O.M.Kurmangaliev. The renal calculus illness at inhabitants of region of intensive production of a petroleum gas condensate and some aspects of it pathogenesis
:: O.M.Kurmangaliev. Functional condition of kidneys at the inhabitants of region of an intensive production of petroleum and gas condensate
:: N.A.Yakovleva. Study of metal contents in bio-mediums in population of  Ust -Kamenogorsk city
:: G.G.Urazbaeva. The principles of placental insufficiency prophylactic and therapy in case of autoimmune thyroiditis of patients with non-carrying of pregnancy in anamnesis  
:: Z.A.Utesheva, G.G.Urazbaeva. Condition of pregnant women fetus-placental complex in case of autoimmune thyroiditis and non-carrying of pregnancy in anamnesis. Characteristics of functional, immuneological and hormone-containing statuses of fetus-placental system.
:: A.M.Mosheeva, G.G.Urazbaeva. Characteristics of thyroid status of patients with autoimmune thyroiditis and non-carrying of pregnancy in anamnesis with toxicosis in the anamnesis
:: G.G.Urazbaeva. Characteristics of early neonatal period of children which were born by mothers with autoimmune thyroiditis
:: T.A.Patsaev, N.M.Mamedalieva, L.S.Dzoz. Cytokine output in dynamics of pregnancy complicated by preeclampsia
:: T.A.Patsaev, N.M.Mamedalieva. Use of Utrogest for preeclampsia prophylaxis
:: H.Kamal Jamil, A.B.Kudamanova, H. Nadva Jamil, S.T.Ospanova, R.A.Purkanova, B.C.Karabalina, G.F.Nugmanova. The cervix of the uterus preparation for delivery of pregnant women with preeclampsia by direct electric low-tension current in combination with prostaglandin F2a
:: M.K.Tundybaeva. Condition of cytokines’ status at patients with arterial hypertension transferred ischemic stroke    
:: G.A.Junusbekova. Neurohumoral  disbalance and renal dysfunction at patients with arterial hypertension
:: K.K.Dzhaugasheva, I.M.Bessonova, G.A.Alimbayeva, T.P.Yaroshenko. Application of Ferkail preparation in treatment of iron deficiency anemia at children
:: M.K.Alchinbaev, N.B.Tabynbaev. L.A.Zhantelieva, K.N.Kabdoldin,
А.N. Омарова, B.S.Sadykova. Complexes evaluation of functional condition of kidneys at children with urolithiasis
:: E.B.Musabek, M.T.Batyrbekov, I .T.Muhamedzhan, M.G.Zhumabekov, A.A.Jusupbaeva. Modern methods of research of functional condition of uretro-vesical segment and back department of urethra
:: A.S.Argynbekova. Immune-correction of irradiated and un-irradiated organism by phyto-preparation РВ (oxim of pinostrobine populus balsamifera)   
:: A.N.Muratalina. Control of glicohemia with the help diphase insulin analogue (NOVOMIX 30)
:: A.N.Muratalina. Experience of use levemir (NOVO NORDIKS) preparation -  analogue of extended insulin at patients with diabetes type I 
:: K.A.Bagitov, L.b.Maximenko, A.K.Dzhankulov, N.P.Derezovskaya, M.H.Karabasova, A.A.Botbaeva. Efficiency of application of valproate preparation in treatment of ill epilepsy children  
:: L.Jh.Orakbay. The remote consequences of chronic gastritises of "phosphoric" genesis
:: U.M.Tilekeeva. Influence of mexidol on level of anxiety at patients with  tuberculosis
:: U.M.Tilekeeva, L.Z.Zurdinov, T.A.Voronina. Influence of mexidole on cognitive  functions of experimental animals in conditions of low and high mountains
:: B.A.Shagataeva, Zh.A.Temirgaliev, K.K.Uteulisv, A.A.Uteulieva, N.S.Karymsakova. Clinical characteristic of malignant  neoplasms of laringopharynx
:: A.K.Iserguzhina, B.A.Shagagaeva, Zh.A.Temirgaliev, N.S.Karymsakova. Experience of application of Zinacef preparation in treatment of acute sinusitis    
:: Sh.Z.Zetov. Peculiarities of diagnostics of etiology of exudative pleurisy under  conditions of regional district hospital
:: O.R.Nigmatullina, A.J.Bekmuratov. Application of  “Miramistin-Darnica” preparation for treatment  of burning wounds  
:: I.Zh.Ormanov, Z.S.Korganbaeva. Influence of phyto-preparation of liquorice on rat liver cells at lead-acetate poisoning
:: N.Zh.Ormanov, D.А.Adilbekova, K.Zh.Kudajbergenova. Change of blood lipid peroxidation degree depending on organism sensitivity to indomethacinum
:: V.V.Kojkov. Condition of an oxidative modification of proteins in blood of growing animals at an intoxication by nonsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine  
:: I.R.Kulmagambetov, L.E.Muravleva, Yu.E.Abdrakhmanova The theziography picture of blood of growing rats at intoxication by nonsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine  at the critical experiment     
:: L.E.Izatova. Level and structure of cancer mortality in the population of East Kazakhstan area in result of nuclear weapon test in the distant terms after irradiation
:: L.E.Izatova. Cyto-morphological  features of diseases of the thyroid gland disease  among population of East Kazakhstan area
:: H.K.Kydyrbaeva, S.T.Tuleuhanova, H.D.Dusembin, B.T.Toychieva. The condition of organism in case of adaptation into the environment
:: H.K.Kydyrbaeva, H.D.Dusembin, S.T.Tuleuhanova, G.S.Zhakypbekova. The modification of blood composition in case of adaptation into the environment

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