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Number 6 (55), 2006

Table of contents

:: A.B.Chuenbekova. Congenital defects of neural tube development (literary review)  
:: B.M.Handillaeva, S.S.Sadykov. The features of the technical approach during evaluation of public health risk in modern conditions (literary review)
:: S.A.Ibraev, O.M.Gazizov, A.Z.Bekpan. The condition of mucous membranes of upper respiratory airways at workers of modern industry (literary review)  
:: Zh.A.Sadyrova. Modern aspects of studying of cytokines in pathogenesis of chronic rheumatic illness of heart  (literary review)  
:: A.N.Baymakhasheva. Some hormonal  disbalance in lung cancer patients (literary review)  
:: G.K.Tulebekova. Alimentary approaches to treatment of a chronic pancreatitis
:: B.M.Handillaeva, A.S.Nazhmetdinova. The soiling by organic xenobiotics of South Kazakhstan area of Republic of Kazakhstan
:: A.K.Kalmukhanova, B.G.Tynybayev, Sh.S.Moldakhmetova, U.Z.Zinulin,
:: E.Zh.Zharkinov, Zh.S.Totanov, A.T.Ismagulov. Hygienic characteristic of the basic air pollutants in Atyrau oblast  
:: B.G.Tynybaev, Sh.S.Moldakhmetova, A.K.Kalmuhanova, E.Zh.Zharkinov,
:: U.Z.Zinulin, Zh.S.Totanov, Z.A.Ismagulova. Social - hygienic estimation of health of the population living in conditions of ecological risk.
:: B.B.Utesinov. The basic reasons of death rate and infantile mortality of population of Mangystau region
:: B.B.Utesinov. Tendencies of demographic parameters of population health in Mangystau region
:: A.B.Chuenbekova. Prevalence of folic acid deficiency among women of reproductive age
:: G.N.Kismanova, N.I.Karzhaubaeva. Morphological research of the schoolchildren’s heart in Aktobe city  
:: R.E.Nurgalieva, G.N.Kismanova. Modification of morphological adaptation in schoolchildren of Aktobe city  under influence of helios-and-meteorographic factors  
:: K.S.Koshkimbaeva, O.V.Pereguda, S.A.Abildaeva. Debut of the young’s teenage schizophrenia
:: A.A.Musina, T.F.Mashina, K.S.Tebenova. The role of electromagnetic radiation in organism functional systems among users of personal computers (PC) and video terminal monitors
:: Z.T.Turlybekov, S.M.Braslavskaya, G.K.Kausova, B.K.Nurdauletov. Work quota setting for narcological sphere doctors
:: D.A.Adilbekova, L.D.Zholymbekova. Sensitivity of process of microsomal oxidation of hepatocytes to xenobiotics at body phosphorus poisoning
:: D.A.Adilbekova, L.D.Zholymbekova. Dependence of antipyrine metabolism from body sensitivity to phosphorus
:: S.U.Kadirova. The contents of blood aldosterone in patients with arterial hypertension with chronic bronchitis
:: Z.T.Gabdilashimova. Complex investigation of functional condition of mother-placenta-fetus system under influence of anti-hypoxic therapy
:: Z.T.Gabdilashimova. Corrective therapy of placenta insufficiency at pregnant women of high risk group
:: G.S.Murzabekova, F.N.Tleuberdieva, Zh.A.Utesheva. Hormones and peptide synthesize function of placenta at pregnant with miscarriage in anamnesis and  infected by genital herpes  
:: G.S.Murzabekova, F.N.Tleuberdieva, A.A.Galiaskarova. Characteristics of biophysical parameters of women with miscarriage in anamnesis and infected by genital herpes  
:: R.A.Nasyrova, G.S.Svyatova. Major mutations of gene of trans-membrane regulator peptide at cystic fibrosis in population of Kazakhstan
:: D.S.Nugmanova, O.S.Zhukov. Screening of prevalence of bronchial asthma on criterion of IgE contents. Part I. Contents of total IgE in «risk group» on bronchial asthma depending age
:: O.S.Zhukov, D.S.Nugmanova. Screening of prevalence of bronchial asthma on criterion of IgE contents. Part 2. Sex and age features of contents of total IgE in «risk group» on bronchial asthma
:: A.U.Amanbekova, Zh.A.Yesmagambetova. Estimation of intersystem interrelations at patients with chronic dust bronchitis with a various degree of respiratory insufficiency
:: G.T.Tnimova, A.S.Zharmukhametova. The contents and synthesis of cholesterol at different regimes of physical activity
:: N.T.Baltabekov. Immunotherapy by interferon-a at skin melanoma  
:: A.N.Bajmakhasheva. Indices of humoral immunity in non-small lung cancer patients
:: B.R.Bimbetov. Morphological-and-functional estimation of efficiency of combined therapy of  chronic virus hepatitis "D"
:: G.A.Smailova. Implementation of laser-therapy for comprehensive treatment of patients with newly detected pulmonary tuberculosis 
:: A.K.Dussembaev, K.A.Djusembaev, Zh.O.Maulenov, A.S.Baisalmakov,
:: N.Zh.Chovdurbaev, E.A.Askanbay, N.O.Bekbosynov. The new ways of implementation of drug from sinviskfor treatment of meta-tuberculosis deforming arthrosis  
:: T.A.Grushina. Treatment of experimental brucellosis by co-trimoxazole with combination with Lactobacillus
:: G.Z.Bodykov. The effectiveness of Laparoscopy using in case of chronicle relapsing salpingooforite

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