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:: Number
10(66), 2007


Number 10(66), 2007

Table of contents

:: G.H.Aibasova. The main trends of development in field of mental health scientific researches: (review of literature)
:: A.B.Turemuratov Respiratory allergy and acute respiratory viral diseases: (review of literature)
:: A.E.Mamutova Brucelosis as main medical problem: (review of literature)
:: T.D.Ukbaeva, K.D.Imankulova, A.A.Nurmuhanov, L.D.Sadybekova T-system of immunity (review of literature)
:: T.D.Ukbaeva, G.S.Abezhanova, K.D.Imankulova, L.D.Sadybekova Cytokines: (review of literature)
:: G.K.Rapil'bekova. The role of antiphospholipid syndrome at the syndrome of loss fetus: (review of literature)
:: N.M.Duzbaeva Monitoring barrier functions condition of the upper respiratory ways at children living in ecologically unfavorable regions
:: R.Z.Karabaeva The special features of vaso-ordinant functions of the vessels endothelium at miners
::M.A.Darisheva.Influence of lifestyle on worker’s adaptive potential on cut-and-cover coal production enterprises analysis
:: A.K.Kalmuhanova, Z.S.Totanov, E.Z.Zharkinov, L.J.Cherepanova, L.K.Glubokovskih, D.Karamanova, R.K.Esova. Hygienic characteristics of labor conditions of people working at subsidiary objects of oil-extracting industry
:: G.T.Atalykova. Prevalence of chronic kidney diseases of children living in countryside of North Kazakhstan
:: Z.S.Ixsymbaeva. Correlation of variational pulsometry parameters with compensational-adaptable mechanisms of individuals organisms in training high schools
:: B.T.Kumisbaeva. Some questions of verification of lung tuberculosis and nonspecific pneumonia in anti-tuberculosis clinics of Almaty city
:: S.B.Bisimbaeva, L.B.Aralbaeva Influence of Ruvimin on antioxidant system of blood at patients with lungs tuberculosis depending on acetylization types
:: B.T.Kumisbaeva. Early diagnostic of hemodynamics of lesser pulmonary circulation at patients with lungs tuberculosis with using of zonal reography
:: H.M.Dautova Efficiency of endo-bronchial methods of implementation for the complex treatment of patients with multi-resistant chronic pulmonary tuberculosis
:: G.K.Rapil'bekova, N.M.Mamedalieva, A.A.Dzhumabaeva. A state of health of infants which delivered at patients with syndrome of loss fetus and thrombophilia
:: S.M.Kulchimbaeva. State of newborns from mothers with various psycho-emotional infringements at infertility in anamnesis
:: M.M.Gerieva, G.E.Kalibekova, Z.Z.Davletbaeva, S.T.Alimbekova Features of differential diagnostics of "acuteabdomen” in gynecological practice
:: G.T.Suhih, V.P.Smetnik, T.E.Samojlova, S.B.Kurinov, D.Z.Maksutova, L.S.Dusunbaeva. Focused ultrasonic ablation – promising non-invasive method of treatment of uterine leyomyomas
:: E.S.Kaliaskarov Efficiency of use of miacalcic in surgical practice of the hyperparathyroidisis
:: M.K.Iskakova. Clinical features of Red Lichen planus with combined lesion
:: M.K.Iskakova. Comprehensive date treatment of patients with Lichen planus
:: S.E.Tursynbaev. Angiogenic sepsis in drug addicts
:: S.E.Tursynbaev A choice of surgical tactics at arrhosive bleedings in drug addicts
:: D.A.Nurmakov. System immune correcting effect of recombinant IL-1? at pyoinflammatory processes in soft tissues in the cases of injection drugs users
:: N.K.Tolezhanov, A.E.Teleuov, Z.B.Orazbakov, L.A.Shajmerdenov, A.J.Mamekov Treatment of early Pedzhet’s breast cancer
:: Z.O.Bazylbekova, P.A.Abdrasilova Role of Interferon-1, placental lactogen and C-peptide in development of diabetic fetopathy
:: L.E.Muravleva, S.P.Terehin, V.A.Medvedev, B.T.Esil'baeva, D.A.Kljuev, E.V.Pozdnjakova. The structural and functional changes of brain of growing rats at the single action of nonsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine and alimentary disbalance
::L.E.Muravleva, S.P.Terehin, V.A.Medvedev, A.Z.Muratova, D.A.Kljuev, E.E.Kasapidi. Influence of nonsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine and alimentary disbalance on liver and kidneys morphology of growing rats
:: B.Z.Kultanov, L.E.Muravleva, D.A.Kljuev, E.V.Pozdnjakova. Influence of single action of nonsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine on lipid peroxide oxidation of had brain of rats
:: B.Z.Kultanov, L.E.Muravleva, D.A.Kljuev, A.M.Murzataeva. Influence of single action of nonsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine on activity of enzymes of glutation metabolism in erythrocytes of growing animals
:: S.P.Terehin, L.E.Muravleva, V.I.Medvedev, B.T.Esilbaeva, A.Z.Muratova, D.A.Kljuev Influence of nonsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine and alimentary disbalance on pancreas structure of growing animals
:: B.N.Ormanov, G.N.Sarsenova, K.M.Botaeva. Change of chemiluminescence parameters of blood and parameters of free-radical oxidation lipids, anti-oxidizing system under influence of corinfar and berlipril
:: N.Z.Ormanov, Z.Z.Kulbalieva. A condition of toxic properties of blood under influence of biophenycol at a sharp lead intoxication
:: L.K.Ibraeva Morphological and stereo-metrical characteristic of pancreas gland during the inhalation with polymetallic dust and the alimentary correction at rats

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