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:: Number 1 (57), 2007


Number 1 (57), 2007

Table of contents

:: A.E.Tazhieva. Influence of harmful industrial factors on health and reproductive function of women: (review of modern literature)

:: S.A.Ibraev, A.U.Amanbekova, G.S.Zhumabekova. Effect of occupation factors on reproductive function and induced mutagenesis: (review of literature)

:: G.Sh.Myrzahmetova, A.K.Dzhusipov, G.V.Shokareva. Role of a liver in lipid metabolism and development of cardiovascular pathology. Hypo lipidic and hepatotropic therapy: (review of modern literature)

:: G.E.Ospanova. Role of gene polymorphism of paraoxonaza enzyme in development of ischemic heart disease (review of literature)

:: R.S.Kuzdenbaeva, G.N.Ajmagambetova, A.Zh.Balykov. Modern prospects of phytotherapy in hemostasis abnormalities (review of literature)

:: I.V.Krasnova, A.S.Sharipbaeva. Problems of transformed fats (review of literature)

:: U.S.Apuov. Medico-social problems of health of population living in region of nuclear range "Аzgyr"

:: A.M.Orazymbetova. Hygienic estimation of  water supply of population living in region of range "Аzgyr"

:: B.T.Orozbekova. Estimation of reproductive health of girls - teenagers of the Osh area of the Kirghiz Republic

:: A.E.Tazhieva. Criteria of estimation of a professional risk among women - workers of industrial enterprises

:: A.A.Ismailova, O.M.Gazizov. Study of dust factor in conditions of labour of miners of Karaganda coal pool

:: A.A.Musina, S.A.Ibraev, Z.U.Smajlova, S.M.Kajreshev, D.Yskak. Psycho-physilogical status of the manager of railway transport

:: O.V.Grebeneva, A.A.Musina, E.N.Shajzadina, K.S.Tebenova, V.V.Doroshilov, B.Orazbaeva, T.F.Mashina. Luminosity of workplaces of the computer users

:: Z.A.Arzykulov, Z.Z.Kalieva, S.I.Ignatov, M.T.Nurgazin. Prevalence of stomach and intestine cancer in Almaty city

:: Z.A.Arzykulov, Z.Z.Kalieva, S.I.Ignatov. Morbidity from esophageal carcinoma amount population of Almaty city

:: S.A.Essenkulova. A way of preliminary diagnostics дисгормональных гиперплазии dairy железы

:: S.A.Esenkulova. Pathogenetic approach to treatment of dyshormonal  hyperplasia of mammary gland  

:: G.K.Rapil'bekova. Risk factors of syndrome of loss fetus at thrombophilia

:: B.T.Orozbekova, M.K.Saparbekov, A.R.Rahimzhanova. Methodological approaches to studying of epidemic process at infections transmitted by sexual way

:: B.R.Bimbetov, M.P.Irismetov, R.D.Absimetova, B.A.Aliev, A.B.Alieva. Dynamics of clinical-and-laboratory parameters in patients with chronic viral hepatitis type B at therapy by glycyrrizini

:: A.U.Alenova, A.Z.Esenalieva. Enzyme immunoassay in people with  viral hepatitis

:: T.A.Grushina. Identification of A- and M-antigens of brucella using microaglutination test  

:: M.B.Fayzullina, Z.M.Isnjayzova, S.K.Amannijazova, R.A.Ischnova, K.Z.Iskakova, J.P.Kulmanova. Echocardiography as the most optimal method of diagnostics of mitral valve prolapse

:: L.N.Kazarina, Zh.M.Isnijazova, R.A.Ischanova, I.V.Zubanova, D.K.Kusumzhanova. Clinical features of diagnostics and clinical course of arterial hypertension at a metabolic syndrome

:: A.R.Alina, I.V.Pikalov, I.A.Bondar. Role of postprandial hyperglicemia  in damaging of homeostasis  system in patients with type 2 diabetes

:: A.M.Belinskaja, F.N.Tleuberdieva, R.Ikranbegijn, T.I.Glebova. The morphological characteristic of a placenta at herpetic infections

:: S.B.Kalimoldaeva. To problem of antibioticoresistance to Helicobacter pylori at patients with chronic urticaria

:: S.B.Kalimoldaeva, T.G.Shakirov, T.V.Shahvorostova. Persistence of  Helicobacter pylori and level of total IgЕ at patients with chronic relapsing urticaria and Quincke’s edema

:: M.A.Hasanova, S.A.Vasil'eva, A.A.Shortanbaev, M.K.Saparbekov. Serologic diagnostics of HIV-infection in system of epidemiological supervision of Kazakhstan

:: A.N.Bajmahasheva. Use of plate-aggregation  in evaluation of pyrogenal-dependent activation of cytokines’ production in whole blood samples of lung cancer patients during complex therapy 

:: R.K.Bajkanova. Dependence of detoxication properties of foodstuff "Bapol" from its physical and chemical properties and structure

:: R.K.Bajkanova. Sorbtion characteristic of foodstuff "Bapol"

:: A.B.Nikolaeva. Activity of alkaline phosphatase in cells of pathogenic staphylococcus in norm and in stressful conditions

:: A.B.Nikolaeva. Correlation between of intensity of oxidizing of proteins and activity of antioxidative enzymes in staphylococcus

:: L.E.Muravleva, E.V.Pozdnjakova, R.A.Utibaeva. Influence of non-symmetrical dimethylhydrazine on behavior reactions of growing rats

:: Z. Talhanbaeva Frequency of use of national dishes

:: V.A.Krajsman, I.G.Tsoj, J.A.Sinjavsky. Application of a sour-milk product on the basis of a soya in complex rehabilitation of patients at heart attack myocardium

:: S.B.Kalimoldaeva, T.N.Javchenko, T.G.Shakirov, T.V.Shahvorostova. Diagnostic criteria of chronic recurrent  Nettle-rash (in schemes and tables)

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