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::Number 2
(58), 2007


Number 2 (58), 2007


:: Z.T.Gabdil'ashimova. Biologically active additives as one of elements of a healthy life style: (review of literature)

:: G.K.Kausova. To strategy of strengthening and prophylaxis initial disablement as a result of cardiovascular disease: (review of literature)

:: A.K.Kussainova. Some problems of preventive measures of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases: (review of literature)

:: Z.T.Gabdil'ashimova. Prospect of use of herbs for treatment in gynecology: (review of literature)

:: D.R.Arupova, G.S.Svjatova, S.K.Kajshibaev, E.U.Kuandykov. Modern  scopes of molecular and genetic diagnosis of progressing muscular dystrophies: (review of literature)

:: G.N.Chingaeva. The peculiarities of hepatitis B vaccination in patients with chronic renal insufficiency: (review of literature)

:: D.Ch.Urazbaeva. Antibiotico-resistance pathogen of pyelonephritis: (review of literature)

:: S.M.Musabekov, N.Z.Tkach, M.G.Zhamanshina, T.R.Muhamedzhanov, R.K.Tsaj, G.T.Lukpanova, G.A.Zhumabaeva. The sickness rate of pre-school age dependence on fouling factors of ambient air in Almaty

:: N.Z.Tkach, S.M.Musabekov, M.G.Zhamanshina, T.R.Muhamedzhanov, G.N.Shakuova, G.T.Omirzakova, G.A.Zhumabaeva, A.K.Rahymzhanova. Motion activity and energy consumption of children of pre-school age at Almaty city

:: S.T.Abdrahmanova. Features of children physical growth and development in central Kazakhstan

:: A.B.Berdygaliev, S.A.Bykybaeva, A.B.Buzhikeeva, A.B.Chuenbekova, G.H.Hasenova, S.B.Kajnarbaeva. Pecuniary valuation of families’ level of income of urban and rural schoolchildren

:: D.R.Arupova. Prevalence of progressing muscular dystrophies in main ethnic groups in Almaty and Almaty region

:: G.K.Kausova. To realization of the President ‘s message «New Kazakhstan in new world»

:: K.B.Shegirbaeva, K.A.Abilov, B.U.Karibaeva. Duration of time inputs of physicians on an outpatient basis

:: K.B.Shegirbaeva, B.U.Karibaeva, S.M.Alduashov. The norm-setting of physicians

:: K.B.Shegirbaeva, A.M.Zharmuhametov, T.T.Imanov. Questions of norm-setting of surgeons  

:: K.B.Shegirbaeva, T.T.Imanov, V.P.Chichkan, A.P.Rafalsky. The peculiarities of medico-demographical indexes in the North-Kazakhstan region

:: A.L.Turlimuratova. Optimization of stomach diseases diagnostics based on  development and substantiations of complex of socio-hygienic criteria

:: B.B.Tobajahova. Polymorphism of gene a-adducine and development of arterial hypertension at Kazakh population

:: G.K.Kausova. A note on the activity of physician and vocation  

:: S.K.Kajshibaev, L.S.Bizhanova. Evaluation of therapeutic efficiency of detralex in complex therapy of atherosclerotic dyscirculatory encephalopathy with clinical presentations of cerebral venous dys-circulation

:: L.S.Bizhanova. Dynamics of changes of rheographic indices of cerebral venous hemodynamics during treatment of atherosclerotic dyscirculatory encephalopathy

:: A.Z.Nazarova, T.K.Isabekova. Clinical presentation of celiac disease at children

:: I.V.Han. Importance of infringements of gnostic functions in diagnostics of stages of atherosclerotic dyscirculatory encephalopathy

:: N.M.Kereeva, V.I.Poljakov, E.N.Kuspaev, R.S.Kuzdenbaeva, M.Z.Zharasov, B.V.Zasorin Immunologic monitoring in breast cancer  

:: U.T.Makulbaeva, B.T.Kumisbaeva. Features of diagnostics at newly detected sub-acute dissemibation and military tuberculosis 

:: D.C.Urazbaeva. Bacteriological efficiency of antimicrobial therapy of acute and chronic pyelonephritis

:: A.E.Sejtalieva, D.Z.Batyrbaeva. Microbe picture of vaginal contents among  pregnant with vaginitis in early pregnancy

:: D.Z.Batyrbaeva. Study of some biological properties of Candida from pregnant women

:: M.S.Batyrhanov. Contents of lipid’s peroxide oxidation component in plasma of men sperm with violation of reproductive function

:: M.S.Batyrhanov. The phosphates activity of chlorides maintenance in seminal plasma of men with reproductive dysfunction

:: A.M.Ahmetzhan, M.O.Ahmetzhanova, S.B.Nurmaganov. Treatment of children teeth under the general anesthesia

::  A.S.Sarsenov, V.V.Kilmaev, M.P.Ionina, D.A.Tlenova,O.K.Mukasheva. New biologically active supplement for prophylaxis and complex treatment of some diseases of digestion tracts organs complicated dysbacteriosis of various etiology

:: A.A.Bajmahanov, I.G.Tsoj, J.A.Sinjavsky, Z.M.Sulejmenova. Correction  of immune dysbalance at chronic atrophic gastritis with the help of special sour-milk food stuffs

:: M.K.Zhelderbaeva. Comparative estimation of citochrom-c-oxidasa and nucleic acid activities at Peros enter of chloride cadmium  with azotacid lead to experimental  animals

:: A.A.Ishmetova, T.D.Ukbaeva, L.T.Eralieva. Immune reagents for detection of rare groups of meningococcal

:: S.A.Bykybaeva. Action of staphylococcal enterotoxins A and B and theirs fragments on ability of lymphocytes to reception of interleukine-2 on blastogenic answer type  

:: G.K.Tjulebekova, J.A.Sinjavsky, Z.M.Sulejmenova. Influence of specialized product on condition of system of lipid peroxidation-antioxidant protection at patients with a chronic pancreatitis

:: Z.S.Korganbaeva. Change of toxic property of blood under influence of ruvimine on the background of acute lead intoxication

:: Z.S.Korganbaeva., D.A.Adilbekova Changing of resistance of  membranes of erytrocytes under influence of phyto-preparations from Clycirrhiza root at the acute lead intoxication

:: G.K.Tjulebekova, J.A.Sinjavsky, Z.M.Sulejmenova. Influence of specialized product on condition of system of lipid peroxidation-antioxidant protection at patients with a chronic pancreatitis

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