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:: Number 7
(63), 2007


Number 7 (63), 2007

Table of contents

:: B.N.Raimkulov. Aetio-pathogenetic factors and mechanisms of first  damage of cerebrum at craniocereberal trauma (review of literature)

:: E.S.Ismoldaev. Modern methods of surgical treatment of variococele (review of literature)

:: M.M.Ajdzhanov, A.N.Kozhahmetova, B.A.Kilybaeva. Nutritional status and health at schoolchildren living in Almaty

:: E.K.Kuandykov, R.K.Kuandykova. Anthropometrical indexes of 10-14 years schoolchildren living in ecologically unfavorable conditions of industrial town of  South Kazakhstan, by example of  Kentau city

:: L.T.Bazeljuk, S.M.Omirbaeva, N.M.Duzbaeva. Cytological and metabolic status of mucous membrane of nose and peripheral blood at  Baikonur ‘s population situated at region of carrier rocket falling

:: A.A.Nadaeva, T.V.Serdobintseva, B.A.Ryskulova, M.S.Tsoj, T.F.Kuznetsova, A.P.Varzhina. Dynamics of development of MDR-TB of Kostanay region in 2004-2006

:: K.K.Bejsekenova. Allergic diseases distribution in Almaty region

:: G.A.Svjatova, Z.S.Iskakova, A.A.Kalijakparova, T.V.Muljavko, V.N.Stepanenko, M.A.Utegenova. A state of donation and problems of HIV-infection in Pavlodar region

:: L.I.Nurgalieva, K.D.Sejtzhanova, K.S.Bajtleuova. Influence of pre-childbirth and health methods for going of earliest neonatal period at pregnant with bronchopulmonary pathology

:: A.T.Raisova, G.L.Kalibekova, A.A.Chynybaeva. To the problem of habitual abortion

:: A.K.Kazakenova. Role of patrimonial trauma in genesis  of affective-respiratory paroxsisms  

:: A.A.Isabekova. Risk factors of development of neuro-somatical infringements at children who have transferred perinatal affection of central nervous system

:: A.K.Kazakenova. Comparative frequency of affective-respiratory paroxsisms

:: K.A.Sartaeva, A.M.Kurganova, A.Umbetpaeva. Cytokines’ profile at women with chronic salpingoophoritis

:: Z.O.Sarbasova, G.S.Kurgenbaeva, K.K.Bazarbaeva, E.V.Borisova, A.A.Zhanabaeva, G.T.Sejsenbayova, K.E.Konysbaeva, N.V.Doluman. Infectioning of frequently sick children with Epstein-Barr virus, Chlamidiae pneumoniae and Mecoplasma pneumoniae

:: L.T.Kasaeva, A.H.Alenova, S.S.Ismashjuv, S.K.Iglikova. Immune status of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis at various courses of TB disease

:: B.T.Kumisbaeva. Etiological and pathogenetic  therapy of patients with distactive tuberculosis of lungs burdened with alcoholism and drug addiction

:: B.T.Kumisbaeva. Revelation of bronchopulmonary infringements of first time revealed patients with infiltrative tuberculosis of lung

:: B.T.Kumisbaeva. Overdiagnostics of infiltrative tuberculosis of lung

:: K.K.Bejsekenova Experience of Nebulizer inhalations using at the base of solution "Ambrobene" in case of chronic obstructive bronchitis and bronchial asthma

:: T.T.Nurpeisov, R.B.Akpeisova. Functional research of potency of nasal breathing as secondary prophylaxis of bronchial asthma

:: T.T.Nurpeisov, R.B.Akpeisova. Approaches to selection of first dose  of corticosteroids at patients with bronchial asthma and allergic rhinitis

:: G.E.Ospanova, N.B.Bajtasova, A.T.Musagalieva. Studying of genetically  predisposition to development of myocardial ischemia at Uigur nationality patients

:: R.O.Shlymova. Prooxidative-antioxidative system at patients of patients with arterial hypertension

:: N.S.Musina. Modern approach to diagnostics of chronic renal diseases

:: N.M.Mavljudova, N.I.Guz, G.B.Kabdrahmanova, N.T.Bisalieva. Effect of oil extracts on the contents of average molecular peptides at patients with toxic encephalopathy caused by use of substitute psycho-stimulator

:: B.N.Raimkulov, Valuation of psychics condition of patients with consequences of mild craniocereberal trauma before and after treatment method by Cavintone

:: D.E.Asambaeva. Study of mucous membrane cytogram of oral cavity at patients with gastroesophageal relux diseases

:: D.E.Asambaeva, R.I.Yuj. Characteristic of cytogramm of mucous membrane of gingival at different phases of menstrual cycle and in the period of menopause

:: A.M.Ahmetzhan. Preoperative orthodontic treatment of patients with anomalies and deformations  of jaws

:: G.K.Ashirbekov. Combined action insecticide of symi-alpha and a tobacco dust on the oculo-heart reflex at rabbits iwith some pharmacological preparations

:: E.T.Smailov, M.O.Mustafina, K.Z.Ashirbekova, N.A.Erdenova, G.Z.Azhihanova, G.K.Ashirbekov. Influence of various classes of pesticides on reproductive function of animals in experiment

:: V.B.Molotov-Luchansky. Dynamics of oxidative metabolism’s processes in  kidneys of rats on early stages of development of diabetes mellitus

:: V.V.Brit'ko, B.Z.Kultanov, V.N.Kislitskaya. Change of POL-AOP parameters in rats’ spermatozoids under influence  of asymmetrical dimethylhydrazine in experiment

:: R.S.Kuzdenbaeva, S.S.Iskakova, K.U.Aldabergenova. Antimutagenic activity from Urticaceae leaves oil extract 

:: R.S.Kuzdenbaeva, S.A.Taukelova, S.K.Kozhantaeva, A.R.Kaljaev. Cyto-architecture of a transverse temporal Herchl’s gyrus in conditions of  chronic purulent otitis media  

:: S.K.Kozhantaeva. Comparative characteristics of morphological changes in different parts of auditory analyzer at chronic middle ear otitis with phenomena of sensory deafness  

:: C.T.Aliev, C.Zul'jarova, M.T.Nurgazin. Biologically active additive "Indinol" in treatment of mastopathy

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