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:: Number 8
(64), 2007


Number 8 (64), 2007

Table of contents

::  L.K.Ibraeva. About the corrective roles of the specialized products  under the  industrial xenobiotics influence (review of literature)

:: Z.T.Gabdilashimova Substantiation of scheme of gestosis alimentary prophylactic (review of literature)

:: S.A.Iskakova Toxicological characteristic of elementary sulfur and its derivates (review of literature)

:: A.H.Alenova, G.S.Sartaeva, A.N.Naubet'jarova, L.T.Kasaeva,

:: L.A.Abeuova. IFH-g in protection against tuberculosis (review of literature)

:: Z.A.Medetbekova. The aspects of etiological and pathogenesis factors of  children spasms: (review of literature)

:: G.M.Jakupova, K.G.Sirazheva. Urogenital candidosis (review of literature)

:: V.A.Ovsjannikov. The adaptation of a balance method to analysis and planning of emergency hospitals bed-fund using in contemporary conditionals

:: G.K.Kausova To forecast of primary disablement in Republic of Kazakhstan

:: G.K.Kausova  Assessment health care quality and life quality of patients and invalids as result of hypertension  

:: D.K.Rakymbekova, E.Ongarbek, E.L.Stepkina, S.V.Novikov, G.K.Kauysova. Pharmaceutical quality management in Kazakhstan 

:: Z.K.Zamanbekova Iodine provision of population of Semipalatinsk region

:: M.M.Ajdzhanov, A.N.Kozhahmetova, B.A.Kilybaeva Nutritional status and  health at schoolchildren living in Almaty  

:: T.K.Karimov, S.K.Bermagambetova, B.Tusupkaliev. Actual feeding of children of school age living in North Aral Sea region  

:: S.K.Bermagambetova Nutritional status of children of school age living indifferent ecological situations

:: T.K.Karimov, K.S.Tusipkalieva, B.Tusipkaliev Actual feeding of children of early age living near chrome processing enterprises

:: A.B.Berdygaliev Sexual development of urban and rural schoolchildrens

:: F.I.Kalieva The laboratory control of environment pollution and food stuff in Kyzylorda oblast

:: A.Z.Shadetova Sulfide hydrogenium subacute effect among alimentary correction

:: K.S.Tebenova, A.A.Musina. Influence of production factors on a cardiovascular system of people working with videodisplays’ terminals

:: S.A.Kalkabaeva, S.B.Zhangelova. Clinical features of current hypertensive  crises in teenager and persons of young age

:: N.S.Bozhbanbaeva Characteristics of clinical current of pre-natal mixed infections of the early age children 

:: M.T.Abenova, R.G.Kozbagarova, A.D.Savhatova, F.T.Aktov. Clinical effect of cancer cervix at radioprotector

:: Z.A.Arzykulov, G.D.Sejtkazina, A.D.Savhatova. Anti-metаbolites in radio-therapy of cancer cervix

:: A.J.Akparova, G.M.Kurmanova, R.E.Urazbaeva. Results of special allergic diagnostics and vaccination at pollinosis in East Kazakhstan

:: Z.T.Gabdilashimova The analysis of causes of later gestosis’s development

:: Z.O.Bazylbekova, G.A.Abdrasilova. Features of pregnancy and birth in case of diabetes mellitus

:: G.K.Mukataeva Risk factors of development of infection-inflammatory complications after cesarean section

:: A.Mireeva Estimation of diagnostically value of sonography index at pregnant women with scar at the womb after previous cesarean section before delivery

:: A.Mireeva. Dynamic of changes of emotional condition and difection of frustration reactions in the result of psychotherapeutic actions at pregnant with scar at the womb after preceding cesarean section

:: A.A.Askerov, R.M.Kalimov, G.V.Dolgaja. Diagnostics of complications in case of using manual vacuum aspiration

:: S.Aliev, C.Zulyarova, M.Nurgazin Antioxidant complex “Novomine” in treatment of mastopathy  

:: B.T.Kumisbaeva Intensity of clinical symptoms of first time revealed patients  with infiltrative tuberculosis of lung

:: B.T.Kumisbaeva Contents of blood microelements at des-adaptive patients with destructive pulmonary tuberculosis 

:: H.A.Dosibekov, O.G.Tsoj. To problem of etio-pathogenesis of acute cholecystitis and its complications

:: H.A.Dosibekov, B.E.Atalykov, O.G.Tsoj. Algorithm of treatment of complicated acute cholecystitis

:: E.S.Kaliaskarov, E.S.Urymbaev, G.F.Sydykova, N.K.Imankulova, S.V.Semenova, K.S.Aushina. Effect of application of calcium gluconate preparation in treatment of postoperative parathyroid insufficiency

:: E.S.Kaliaskarov, E.S.Urymbaev, M.S.Asanova, N.P.Masjagina, G.A.Dzharmuhambetova, B.N.Isembaev. Clinical application of Calcium -D3 Nycomed at patients with postoperative hyperparathyroidism  

:: U.N.Kapysheva, T.Z.Muldagaliev Influence of functional activity of thyroid gland on development of depression conditions

:: I.V.Kuzina, G.T.Tokieva Role of reo-encephalography in diagnostic of cerebral hemodynamics of arterial and venous channel condition

:: S.K.Kaishibaev, S.A.Sagimbaeva, I.V.Han, G.S.Kaishibaeva, G.U.Dosanova, L.S.Bizhanova, D.S.Murzahmetova. Clinical-computer-tomography of atherosclerotic dyscirculatory encephalopathy

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